Health and Safety

The bush can be a hazardous place to work. Therefore, it is extremely important that a company is committed to providing a safe working environment. Celtic Reforestation’s injury statistics are among the lowest in the industry, due mainly to our excellent Health and Safety Program in which all workers are required to participate. It is our goal that no employees miss work, even from minor injuries. We provide proper training so everyone can stay healthy and safe; by doing so, we are provide our clients with top quality product and services.

Workers receive safety training in the following areas:

  • Bear Aware,
  • Off-road driving,
  • Emergency evacuation procedures,
  • Wildlife and dangerous tree safety,
  • Hypothermia & heat exhaustion avoidance,
  • Fire procedures,
  • Helicopter safety,
  • Firearms use,
  • Nutrition and human energy output,
  • Hazardous substance handling,
  • Avoiding mechanical strain injuries,
  • Other safety training as required.

As well as the initial instruction, every Celtic Reforestation Crew conducts a Health and Safety meeting each week, and regularly practices safety maneuvers (such as stretcher procedures). Vehicle safety is also a priority. Drivers’ performances are monitored, and all employees are required to wear seatbelts at all times and helmets when operating all terrain vehicles.

In the interest of safety, Celtic provides all their crews with the following:

  • inspected, well-maintained vehicles,
  • proper first aid equipment,
  • a radio-equipped Emergency Transport Vehicle,
  • and a trained industrial first aid attendant at each job site.