Portable Camps and Logistics

Celtic has 40 years experience running tent and trailer based remote field camps. These camps are planned out, delivered to remote locations, set up, supported and moved. Our camps are set up for as short as 2 weeks and as long as 5-6 months and are capable of accommodating 12 to 120 personnel. We work with a select group of quality sub-contractors to provide complete turn-key camps and total camp support.

Order a camp, specify the size, dates and location. It takes us between 48-72 hours to have your camp set up and fully functional for your crews to walk into and start work.

Camps and logistical support – tailored to your needs

Planning, costing, mobilization, construction and staffing

Amenities – kitchen trailers, showers trailers, shower/laundry trailers and office trailers – Fly-in options available

Communication – portable systems with internet and voice capabilities

COVID/Communicable Disease structures for testing and isolation capabilities

First Aid & MTC services – We have a fleet of fully equipped MTCs and dozens of OFA3 certified employees available

Kitchen staff – head cooks, 2nd cooks, bakers, serving and cleaning staff

Logistical Support

  • Hot shot service to support camps at any location
    • groceries, garbage, parts, supplies and personnel
  • Camp support staff familiar with our camps
    • carpentry, electrical, gas, mechanical and plumbing skills
  • Mobile
    • One-Ton, Two-Ton and Ten-Ton truck options
    • Heavy trucks and equipment – flat decks, garbage collection, gravel hauling, water delivery and dump truck boxes
    • Side-By-Sides
  • Replaceable equipment with spares for immediate replacement when repairs and maintenance needed
    • Repairs and maintenance are then done back at our facilities without you waiting for parts

Man Power – We have a labour pool of over 400 employees and a suite of sub-contractors to draw on. Our crews have experience working in remote environments and an exceptional work ethic with skills and training in : ATV/UTV Operation – Camp Maintenance – Cone Collection – Excavator Operations – Falling – Firefighting – First Aid OFA3 – Off Highway Driver Training – Off Highway Driving – Project Management – Power Saw Operation – Spacing and Brushing – Surveying – Tree Planting – Wild Animal Safety 

Power – Portable gensets with 10-25 KWV tailored to your needs – back up gensets always provided – smaller fly-in gensets are available for fly-in camps.

Tents – Kitchen, dining, drying, storage, recreation and storage

Water Delivery – Potable water delivery with on-site water storage tanks and water systems, 5 and 10-ton trucks with 3000-5000 gallon tanks