Established Clients and Testamonials

Since its beginnings in 1984, major forestry companies across British Columbia have turned to Celtic Reforestation. They know they can depend on Celtic to provide professional, cost effective services, as well as open and honest communication at all levels of our operation.

The following is a list of just a few of the customers we have dealt with over the years, and what they are saying about Celtic Reforestation!

Weyerhauser (Vancouver Island)

“The Celtic organization offers a high quality reforestation service for a competitive price.”
“Celtic is safety conscious, working with all necessary first aid equipment and training. They are self-directed, flexible, competitive and willing to meet the changing demands of coast planting.”
“They are well able to respond to the demands of microsite selection, fertilization at time of planting, and working with large stock in brushy areas.”

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Prince George)

“They run an efficient company with good, up to date camps and equipment and well-trained, knowledgeable foremen, many of which have been with them for ten to fifteen years. Their objectives have always been to minimize costs without compromising safety and to satisfy our requirements, and they spare no effort in order to attain this.”

Donohue Forest Products (Abitibi Consolidated, Mackenzie)

“Many of the planting sites in my operating area are primarily raw, steep and slashy and coastal in nature. Celtic employs the experienced planters and staff necessary to handle these harsh sites without difficulty. Celtic’s main assets are their organizational skills, experienced staff/planters, professionalism, and ability to deliver a consistent, quality product.”